Arizona Tea Diversion Safe


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Weight 1.45 lbs

Looking for an innovative, convenient way to safely store your most important possessions? Look no further – the DS-ARIZONA Tea Diversion Safe has everything you need! Constructed to look just like a regular Arizona Tea bottle, no one but you will know of the valuable items stored inside. Not only will DS-ARIZONA successfully blend in with the surroundings, but also with an interior height of 6 1/2” and diameter of 1 3/4” it offers plenty of space to store a wide variety of items, such as coins, jewelry, and keys. With the DS-ARIZONA, you can have peace of mind without having to worry about someone stealing your possessions. So don’t wait – pick up your very own DS-ARIZONA today and start making sure your valuables are always safe and secure!

• Realistic look – looks just like a can of tea
• Enough room for keys, spare money or jewelry
• No one will know but you!
• Internal Measurement 1 3/4″ x 6 1/2″