Solar Powered Dummy Camera with Motion Activated Flashing LED


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Weight 1.1 lbs

Is protecting your home or business a priority? With DM-IRMOTION, you can be sure that your space is secured with ease and convenience! Our dummy camera features a solar-powered motion-activated strobe light that will flash whenever motion is detected within 15 feet, eliminating the need for batteries and saving you time and money in the long run. Whether used indoors or outdoors, DM-IRMOTION is the perfect solution for your security needs. The solar-powered LED light will recharge the included rechargeable batteries if used outside so you can rest assured the light will always be ready to go. And if you need to use this model indoors, you can insert 3 AA batteries to provide direct power without any recharging. At DM-IRMOTION, we are committed to providing quality security options that will make your life easier. Shop today and rest easy knowing that your place is well-protected!


• Detection Range: over 15 feet

• Rain Shield: so that camera can be used anywhere.

• Solar Powered: The flashing LED strobe light can be powered by the sun (which charges the 3 rechargeable AA batteries).

• Dimensions: (including the rain shield and bracket) 10 inches x 6 inches x 7 inches.

• Quick and Easy Installation: Mounting hardware