Whip Cream Diversion Safe



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Weight 0.6 lbs

Introducing DS-WHIPCREAM: a unique way to help keep your valuables safe and secure in the comfort of your own home! With the average burglar only spending 8 minutes in a home, making sure all of your valuables are tucked away in a safe place is essential. DS-WHIPCREAM is the perfect solution – a diversion safe that looks and feels like a real product! With a wide variety of personal care, household products, and food containers with removable tops and bottoms, DS-WHIPCREAM can be discreetly stored away in plain sight. It’s the perfect way to keep your possessions safe while still blending in with your home. Change the odds in your favor with DS-WHIPCREAM and give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuables are safe and sound.

Interior Dimensions 4 ¼” x 2”