Cola Can Safe

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Live life a little more securely with DS-COLA. Whether you need somewhere to store cash, jewelry, or other valuable items, it’s time to up your security game with a soda-can-shaped diversion safe. There’s no better way to keep your valuable safe than with a DS-COLA. With its convincing soda can design, it looks exactly like its unopened namesake, helping it blend in perfectly with any environment. Get easy access to its hidden compartment with its easy-to-remove top and rest assured knowing your belongings are protected with its interior dimensions of 1″x 3 ½”. Perfect for anyone who wants to keep their possessions secure without anyone suspecting a thing. DS-COLA: Get the perfect balance of security and discretion.

• Uses popular name brand soda
• Fool the unknowing
• Great for hiding in the kitchen or pantry
• Internal Measurement 1″ x 3½”